News: Social Media

For the first time in Major League Baseball history, players on the field were able to interact with fans via social media platforms with updates, video and pictures during the All-Star Game activities. MLB were calling it the “Social Media Derby” and “one of the most immersive social media events in MLB history.” The MLB… Continue reading

Journalists, PR and communications folks live, breathe, and most certainly write, by the omnipotent guidelines outlined in The Associated Press Stylebook. Now, for the first time, its 2010 edition now provides a separate section on social media information, policies, guidelines and definitions. Perhaps as a sign of the times, although the AP Stylebook is just… Continue reading

Time for some more MMI live from SXSW Coverage! And it’s time to talk Twitter (and a few other things). Let’s face it. Traditional customer support is out the window with the advent of sites like Twitter, Facebook and GetSatisfaction. Customers can hop online from anywhere and vent about products or services in real time.… Continue reading

Taglines matter. What is Coca-Cola? It’s the real thing. How do we know that? Because Coke has been telling us, singing to us, showing us that tagline for years: Coke is… the real thing. What are Dodge trucks? You know the answer! They’re “ram tough.” The tagline at the Mom 2.0 Summit is “an open… Continue reading

Two of the ten great things about serving our clients at MMI: the terrific people we meet, and the fun experiences we have. MMI-ers are living the dream tonight as the Mom 2.0 Summit gets underway. We’ll be live-blogging throughout the 2.5 days of the 2.0 conference. Expect pictures (still and video), podcasts and the… Continue reading

A child’s first steps caught on camera for a deployed parent, a son in Afghanistan making a comic video poking gentle fun at his father’s birthday, a dad in Iraq telling his son “I love you”… we’ve been privileged to share these special moments and many more while helping manage the TroopTube video web site.… Continue reading

I’m live-blogging and tweeting an intensive all-day Twitter event in Washington, DC, today. Room is full of influential, high-impact learners and doers from federal agencies, media outlets, and corporations. Two of the most succinct pieces of advice about being online were shared this morning by Laura Fitton of and Alan Murray of the Wall… Continue reading

I’m passionate about helping Government and Military clients fulfill their missions. So at the Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington DC this past September, I was excited to have the opportunity to hear Clay Shirky speak about the way social media is changing societal behaviors.  I was so enamored with his talk that I went out… Continue reading