We're individuals with different backgrounds, different talents and different points of view. But when we work, we work as one for one common goal. We believe in the power of working as a team. And that teamwork is what guarantees our clients' success.


  • Cindy Marion, President and Founder
    Cindy Marion
    President and Founder
  • Benjamin Spiegel, CEO
    Benjamin Spiegel
  • Maggie Maleck, Head of Public Relations and Social Media
    Maggie Malek
    Vice President
    Product & Performance
  • Dorian Rozas, Vice President, Finance
    Dorian Rozas
    Vice President
  • Adrienne Adair, Head of Creative
    Adrienne Adair
    Head of Creative
  • Freddy Dabaghi, Marketing Director
    Freddy Dabaghi
    Account Director
  • Amy McMillan
    Amy McMillan
    Account Director
  • Dave Seiffert
    Dave Seiffert
    Director, IT & Infrastructure
  • Valentina Valdez Accounting Supervisor
    Valentina Valdez
    Accounting Supervisor