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How to improve partnerships with the trendsetters of social media marketing


We are thrilled to announce MMI’s partnership with Harris Poll in a new survey of social media creators. Our goal was to get to the heart of what motivates creators to do what they do. From a clear shift away from the term “influencer” to the importance of choosing brands with aligned values, they told us what they wish all their marketing partners knew.

“While these findings may be surprising to some, the attitudes expressed align perfectly with what we find within our own influencer programs. Out of passion, influencers want to be intimately involved with the brands they represent. They care deeply about the products and services they promote, and are willing to work hard to make sure any content they put out there is relevant and compelling to their audiences.”

– Maggie Malek, MMI CEO


The study, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of MMI Agency between April 13 and April 27, 2022, polled 140 U.S. adults who are compensated in some form to post original content on social networks for a brand, platform, or audience/community, and consider themselves an influencer or creator, with at least 5,000 followers or connections on a social network. The data is unweighted.



59% say they prefer the term “Creator” over “Influencer”

For many, the title ‘influencer’ has a negative connotation. They see themselves as people who create content rather than people who influence decisions.


98% of influencers say it is important that they work with brands that align with their values



say they are an Influencer/Creator because they have a passion for the subject area.
say engagement with their followers and building community are the most significant factors in their overall success.
Instagram and Tiktok are favorite channels of creators.
Creators report that branded content sees higher engagement for audio and gaming audiences.

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Dive deeper into the MMI Agency/Harris Poll survey data on influencers and creators: why they do what they do, their favorite channels to create for, what their community means to them, and what they wish brands knew when working with them on sponsored content.

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The Harris Poll is one of the longest-running surveys in the U.S., tracking public opinion, motivations, and social sentiment since 1963. It is now part of Harris Insights & Analytics, a global consulting and market research firm that strives to reveal the authentic values of modern society to inspire leaders to create a better tomorrow.