At MMI, we believe that in order to innovate, it is often necessary to collaborate. If we are to remain at the forefront of our industry, we must have relationships with those who are willing to think outside the box when it comes to finding solutions for clients. That’s why we created MMI Labs, a collaborative partnership designed to answer one simple, yet difficult question: How can we serve consumers in new ways?

MMI works with technology leaders to discover new tools and methods that can help brands communicate and interact with their audience more effectively.




The Sandpit helps digital marketing startups develop and introduce innovative advertising solutions to the marketplace. MMI serves as a strategic partner in the U.S. for The Sandpit products and provides clients premier access to new tech solutions. Together, MMI and The Sandpit are able to solve brand challenges by identifying local and global marketing technology to be properly utilized in new projects.

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KNIME is an open-source software company that specializes in innovative data solutions. Through our trusted marketing partnership with KNIME, we are able to bring scalable marketing insight solutions to our clients by streamlining the process of data construction and analysis. This partnership is an important part of MMI’s goal of pioneering innovative tools that can measure consumer behaviors and inform data-driven creative and real-time activations. This software enables us to uncover important differentiators and generate stronger results more efficiently without over utilizing resources on complex data acquisition, aggregation and management.

MMI Labs is working with KNIME and its active community to bring marketing methodologies to its offering, extending its capabilities from its more traditional uses in statistics and general data analysis. To download our nodes, download the KNIME platform. Once KNIME is installed, you can access our public nodes under the community nodes section of the nodes repository.

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