Together, MMI and The Sandpit are able to solve brand challenges by identifying local and global marketing technology to be properly utilized in new projects.




DeepCrawl is the world’s most comprehensive website crawler, designed to identify and monitor technical aspects of every website that could affect a site’s SEO performance. It will regularly crawl the entire website of up to 5 million pages and collect a variety of information on every aspect that can influence the site’s search marketing performance. Detailed reports are available on all aspects of the site, such as URL issues, broken and redirected links, keyword coverage, and duplicate content.

DeepCrawl recently won the Best Search Software Tool at the 2015 European Search Awards and works with 600+ global brands, including Unilever, Disney, Microsoft, and Adobe plus all of the “big six” agencies. DeepCrawl joined The Sandpit in 2012 and exited in February 2015.



WeSeeThrough is a powerful video-research platform. The next-generation research methods combine the advantages of wearable technology, artificial intelligence, and distributed workforce to deliver unprecedented levels of insight into consumers’ lives for brands around the world.



iadbox is a mobile marketing platform with a user-controlled inbox that enables publishers to communicate with their audience via nonintrusive multimedia messaging. iadbox is easily embedded into any mobile webpage or app and delivers all of the tools needed to engage, profile and segment users, allowing monetization from their interactions.


Sandpit Lab

Sandpit Lab is a business of The Sandpit, and it’s on a mission to build products based on demand from industry-leading partners, with scalable returns to investors. In other words, the company helps some of world’s best marketers identify and act on emerging opportunities first. Sandpit Lab gets disruptive technology into your hands first, focusing on products that enable new marketing. Sandpit Lab is effectively transferring the risk of experimentation out of the corporate environment and into the lab.



Batn is the world’s first Twitter takeover product that enables brands to authorize anyone to post on their behalf in a simple, secure and safe way. By simply passing the Batn, brands can interact with their followers, engage their audience, and empower their community. Batn is a Sandpit Lab product.



Zamoosh is designed to capture shoppable product opportunities, facilitate an exchange between producers, networks and advertisers, and maximize an effective path to purchase for consumers. Zamoosh is currently in prototype and is a Sandpit Lab product.



Powermeeter is a video-interviewing software solution that enables recruiters and hiring managers to streamline the candidate screening process, whilst reducing time and costs and elevating the employer brand. Powermeeter runs on desktops, mobile devices and tablets, making the process even more convenient and saving valuable time.