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Situation: Chrome will mark all websites that are not encrypted with a secure connection as “not secure.” Our point of view: Why is Google labeling certain websites as “not secure”? According to Google’s blog, unencrypted HTTP sites will be labeled as “not secure” in an effort to tighten internet security and motivate website owners to prioritize… Continue reading

Today we announce that Lee Tuttle has joined our agency as vice president, delivery. He brings more than 30 years of expertise in digital agency operations, e-commerce, and technology projects for globally recognized brands and agencies. Tuttle will focus on integrating emerging capabilities within our established set of services while ensuring the continued delivery of best-in-class work at a global scale. He will be responsible for… Continue reading

Situation: In an announcement made earlier this year, Google stated that a mobile site’s page load speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches starting July 2018.  Our Point of View: This announcement specifically affects a site’s ranking in mobile results for mobile-based search queries but does not affect a site’s desktop rankings for desktop-based search queries. This… Continue reading

Situation: Google’s Chrome Ad Blocker has officially launched. The Chrome browser will remove ads from sites that do not follow the Better Ads Standards. As mentioned in an announcement by Google, ads that are deemed intrusive and annoying, such as pop-up ads, auto-playing video ads with sound, flashing animated ads, and countdown ads that force… Continue reading

Earlier this month, Facebook announced major algorithm updates to users’ News Feeds. The updated News Feed algorithm will prioritize social interactions from users’ friends and family over content from businesses, brands and media companies.   We believe this update is, ultimately, a good thing. As the platform improves its image and functionality for users, those… Continue reading

HOUSTON, TX, April 28, 2017. MMI Agency (, a leading media innovation agency headquartered in Houston, Texas, announced today that Stagwell Media, LLC has acquired a minority stake in the company. “MMI Agency is a new breed of marketer that combines data, creative and media innovation to connect leading brands to influential consumers,” said Mark… Continue reading

Partnering with prolific and respected YouTube creators can reap big benefits for brands who do it well. But for many, the formula for winning YouTube content is still hard to master. Today, we’ll look at a successful YouTube partnership that not only meets brand needs, but serves the YouTube audience as well. As I mentioned… Continue reading

This month, Houston became the center of the sporting world as the host of Super Bowl LI. A major piece of the excitement of hosting this event is the opportunity to take part in the experiential activations and events that come with the Super Bowl. The majority of these activations were held in two locations:… Continue reading

Super Bowl LI has brought several major brands to Houston to sponsor one-of-a-kind activations and exhibits during the week leading up to game day. Each day will be packed with live performances, interactive experiences, games and much more. We call Houston our home, and we’re fired up about the upcoming events in our city! Here… Continue reading

We’re excited to welcome Carrie Silberman to the MMI Agency team as Influencer Marketing Director. Carrie will identify and build relationships with best–fit influencers for our clients to deliver highly effective, creative and measurable outcomes. To learn more about our newest team member, we sat down to ask her a few questions. Check out her responses below!   Tell us a little about… Continue reading