My ADcademy experience can be viewed in befores and afters. Before ADcademy, I was a cluster of doubts from second-guessing my career path as I just finished my junior year in college. Post-ADcademy, I transformed into a self-aware butterfly as an incoming senior. I finally had a taste of real-life experience at an advertising agency versus listening to a lecture in an isolated classroom.

The day-to-day life of an ADcademy student consisted of partaking in activities MMIers cleverly organized and coordinated to keep us going and invigorated throughout the week, for example, informative workshops from which I learned networking, resume writing, and social media etiquette and a weeklong Q&A session with industry professionals in which I went from scarcely raising my hand to engaging in conversation with MMI directors/heads of each department, including the CEO herself, Cindy Marion. ADcademy students had the opportunity to rotate around one-on-one personal interviews to truly grasp what each MMIer contributes to MMI. These interviews helped ADcademy students feel comfortable picking their rightful niche in advertising. Meanwhile, we tackled a mini marketing plan with a group of strangers in just a mere five days, and together, we overcame the world’s greatest fear – public speaking – by presenting our plan.

My team, The Oreckles, brainstorming the best tactics to increase foot traffic to My Oreck Stores in the Greater Houston Area.












It is difficult to put in 500 words my perspective of ADcademy. However, bumping sides with others who were in similar positions and being motivated and mentored by MMI’s industry professionals, who openly shared their culture and work environment and equally wanted to be there just as much as we students did, was inspiring. In addition, meeting a deadline with a hands-on project, getting my ideas out there and heard, challenging my weaknesses, and utilizing my strengths made this weeklong intensive program memorable and beyond what I expected.

It was a pleasure to work with this awesome and “punny” team, The Oreckles.












ADcademy easily became a pivotal moment in my life. It gave me the building blocks and the confidence as a soon-to-be college graduate to now make decisions and choices regarding my profession, whereas, before, I would not know where to start. Ultimately, my takeaway from ADcademy exceeds everything that I learned from the two years I spent in advertising classes at school. ADcademy proves that statements like “getting your foot in the door” hold true.


Here I am posing with my MMI ADcademy t-shirt that I won from ADcademy bingo!













Written by Vicky Lepham, 2014 MMI ADcademy graduate

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