As we speak, a thousand or so holiday cards, laced up and sealed with a bow, are on their way to our extended MMI family, hearkening the return of our most beloved annual tradition.

It’s that time of year – time for the MMI holiday charity fundraiser and bank-decorating contest – and we have much to celebrate. First and foremost, a wonderful year filled with exciting, enriching, successful client projects, sure to inspire a record-breaking, bank-jingling MMI donation to the yet-to-be-decided bank contest charity for 2011.


Second, an official name for our fourteen-year-old tradition: Banksgiving!

Third? A new theme: In Banksgivings past, we’ve always decorated animal-themed banks. This year, with a nod to Cindy Marion’s 25th anniversary book, “Second Mile Marketing” (to be published next spring) we’re decorating ceramic shoes.

The fourth (and my favorite) thing to celebrate this Banksgiving season is the launch of That’s right, the extreme crafting has gone digital, and so has the voting! True to our “go the second mile” mentality, the competition has been “kicked” into high gear like never before. To see the high-top contenders and sure-to-be shoe-ins, take a tour now.

As per tradition, our winner and chosen charity will be announced December 23. Best of luck to all my fellow competitors in the race, and a very happy holiday season to you, our lovely blog readers!

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