It’s hard to believe that almost a year ago I walked into the beautiful MMI building for the first time to attend ADcademy, and now I am writing a blog post as an employee of this outstanding agency. At first glance, I was blown away by the design of the building with modern, bright white furniture, gorgeous windows from floor to ceiling, and not to mention, the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve ever flushed a toilet in.

After I was done taking in my surroundings and began my journey through the busy week of ADcademy, I realized that this agency has much more to offer than its interior design. I heard about ADcademy from one of my professors at The University of Texas, and I decided to apply, because I had not yet figured out what I was going to do after graduation. Having done several internships for in-house marketing and advertising departments, I was interested to learn what it would be like to work in an actual advertising agency. Little did I know, working in an ad agency, specifically MMI Agency, would become my dream job.

During ADcademy, we learned the complexities of every department and how they all unite to create “mpressive” campaigns for “mpressive” clients. We formed teams amongst ourselves and worked vigorously to create a mini campaign for one of MMI’s real clients, presented our plans to a room full of people, and received awards for our efforts. My team, the glADiators, won the most creative.  We were able to get a feel for what it’s like to work under tough deadlines with a group of people who each possess unique specialties. I realized how much I love brainstorming with a team and presenting something that I can be proud to say I was a part of.

My favorite part of ADcademy was getting to know MMIers and learning about their day-to-day experiences. I loved getting to speak with people from every department and learn more about what agency life is like. I wasn’t sure which specialty in advertising I was destined for, but after talking to someone in each department and hearing about his or her passion for what they do, I was able to figure out my own passion—brand management!

ADcademy was an eye-opening experience for me, and I wouldn’t be here at MMI today if I hadn’t attended. I kept in touch with many people since then who have really helped me get to where I am in my advertising career. It’s a great program that can guide your career in the right direction and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend this year!


Blog post written by Leah Garner.


Thinking about applying to ADcademy? Click here!

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