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Situation: In an announcement made earlier this year, Google stated that a mobile site’s page load speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches starting July 2018.  Our Point of View: This announcement specifically affects a site’s ranking in mobile results for mobile-based search queries but does not affect a site’s desktop rankings for desktop-based search queries. This… Continue reading

Situation: Google’s Chrome Ad Blocker has officially launched. The Chrome browser will remove ads from sites that do not follow the Better Ads Standards. As mentioned in an announcement by Google, ads that are deemed intrusive and annoying, such as pop-up ads, auto-playing video ads with sound, flashing animated ads, and countdown ads that force… Continue reading

Super Bowl LI has brought several major brands to Houston to sponsor one-of-a-kind activations and exhibits during the week leading up to game day. Each day will be packed with live performances, interactive experiences, games and much more. We call Houston our home, and we’re fired up about the upcoming events in our city! Here… Continue reading

We celebrated the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday last week with our traditional MMI potluck!   As MMIers were grubbing on delicious food, we asked them to write down what it is they are thankful for this holiday season. We’ve shared a few responses below, for more check out our Facebook album!

The holiday season is a time of mashed potatoes, hickory-smoked ham and homemade pies. But, it’s also a time of cheer and thanksgiving. We asked fellow MMIers: What is it that you are thankful for? In addition to our awesome clients, we have a lot to be thankful for this year! “I am thankful for… Continue reading

Thanks to Twitter feedback from users like @jmckee, we heard that you wanted more info on Apple’s new retina display for the updated MacBook Pro, announced earlier this week at WWDC. Ask and you shall receive! Apple’s retina displays are finally coming to the desktop (via laptop), bringing with them a whole new set of… Continue reading

How secure are our online logins? You’ve probably heard about the LinkedIn password data breach.  LinkedIn reports that approximately 6.5 million user passwords have been at least partially decoded and posted on hacker websites. Partially decoded? Most companies encrypt and separate logins and passwords to prevent and minimize security breaches affecting user accounts. If my… Continue reading

At MMI, we love being there for our clients. We are web nerds, we are artists, we are event planners and writers. We are what our client needs. If the project requires it, we will even be snake charmers. We are our clients roadies and biggest fans. For the past several weeks I’ve been on… Continue reading