Does it matter where you graduate from, let’s say UTSA versus UT, and how much of a difference does graduate school make in landing a job with Marion, Montgomery, Inc.?

The short of it is no. You do not need a master’s degree to join the MMI team and we aren’t selective when it comes to where you’ve received your undergraduate degree. What matters most is what you did when you were there. For entry level personnel in account services and public relations we look at GPA, school involvement, degree and internships.

Internships (particularly those done at MMI) get our attention. Real work experience at an agency will give you an edge. Depending on the position—especially for administrative positions—we place greater value on work experience overall. For creative positions, your portfolio is the focal point of the interview.

From my perspective, I use the MMI internship program to help pre-qualify entry level hires. In fact, all of the full-time entry level public relations hires have completed three to six months of internships in the department. This gives us a chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Internships will give you real work responsibilities and experience, provide exposure to the agency structure, while we get a feel for your strengths and skills.

Don’t wait to apply for a summer internship. Many of our candidates start submitting resumes early in the year. For more information on jobs at MMI or our internship program, visit our jobs page.

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