MMI Agency’s CEO Benjamin Spiegel recently a spoke at KNIME’s Spring Summit, alongside Ralf Herbrich, from Amazon; George Papadatos, from European Bioinformatics Institute; and Dean Abbott, from Abbott Analytics.

Benjamin Spiegel at KNIME Spring Summit

Benjamin discussed how to transform consumer data into actionable insights and how KNIME’s products are used in the process. In addition, he presented examples from MMI Agency’s clients, which span a variety of industries.

KNIME Spring Summit

Today, the social media landscape is constantly changing. New platforms, features, tools and metrics have become the daily challenge for seasoned marketers. In order to win the race in social leadership, brands need to create unique differentiators, using APIs, that are customizable to their own needs. This is where KNIME comes into play for MMI Agency. Using this unique tool removes the competition and creates real-time insights for the brand.

The Spring Summit brought together the world’s greatest data scientists to share how they use KNIME software to solve complex data problems in areas that include manufacturing, life science, retail sales, and marketing. Trainings and workshops were also available to conference attendees.

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