Maggie Malek, MMI’s head of public relations and social, spoke earlier this week at SMX West in San Jose, Calif., in the session Better Together: Search & Social, in which she explained how search and social marketing teams can use their unique skills and knowledge to integrate and help each other in paid, earned and owned marketing. She was joined on stage by Ellen White, director of SEO at Ford Motor Company, and moderator Alex Bennert.

Search and social media may seem like two different species, but they have plenty in common. By combining search and social media marketing efforts, teams can maximize the results of both.

Step 1: Start with the head.

Search data is honest! What are people searching for in the privacy of their own Google search box? What are they asking? What trends are you seeing? Social data is real time. What are people saying about your product to their friends? How are they interacting with your competitors? What customer service issues are they having? Social listening tools identify key conversation topics.

Step 2: Create your strategy.

For your brand to break through the competition, matter to your customers, and ignite conversations with them, you must define your brand’s spirit. Consider a triangle with three sections labeled hero, hub and hygiene. At the top of the triangle is hero content. This content is large-scale, tentpole events and go-big moments designed to raise mass awareness. In the middle is hub content. This is regularly scheduled push content intended to keep your audience entertained and coming back. At the bottom of the triangle is hygiene content. This is always-on content designed for your core target based on its intent and interests.

Step 3: Ignite conversations.

Find out what consumers care about. Hire the most amazing writers and brand ambassadors and assign a dedicated team. Know exactly who is responsible for what with helpful items like a publication checklist. Have your tools, like Sprout Social, NUVI, Iconosquare, Google Analytics, TweetReach, Falcon Social, KNIME, Radian6, and native platforms, ready to go. Always be ready to move. Look for opportunities to amplify. High organic reach, heavy website traffic, and cultural moments = amplification.

Step 4: Review and refresh.

Assess your success. Decipher awareness metrics and conversion metrics.


To download or view the presentation, click through the below SlideShare.

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