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It is well accepted that the office of the CMO will manage the bulk of such technology projects as marketing automation, website back-end integration and CRM systems in the years ahead. However, the hard-learned lessons of security and deployment processes have yet to be fully adopted by marketing teams, which can have serious consequences. That’s because… Continue reading

Here, at MMI Agency, we’re huge proponents of the power of social media. You can find us regularly sending out tweets, uploading photos to Instagram, posting updates on Facebook, sending photos on Snapchat, and organizing boards on Pinterest, just to name a few, for MMI Agency and our clients. We love the work we do for our… Continue reading

“Thinking digital is inherent in how you live and run your business. You need people who live it and are focused/obsessed with it every day in your organizations.” – Stephen Weis We had a fantastic time at AAF Houston’s February 2015 luncheon! Stephen Weis, executive vice president of digital revenue at the Houston Chronicle, spoke… Continue reading

Digital Creative Director  Secret Weapon: I can eat a lot of food in single sittings. A 42-ounce porterhouse? Easy. A 24-inch fried shrimp po’boy? Gone in thirty minutes. Burgers should be 16 ounces of beef minimum and an extra portion of rib-eye steak makes for the best dessert. Professional Passion: My profession in and of… Continue reading

Web Designer/Developer Hidden talent: Handstands, though I don’t know if that’s really a hidden talent since most people know… Professional Passion: I am constantly reading, learning, and trying new things. I really enjoy learning something and figuring out how it may connect to something seemingly unrelated. I also really enjoy teaching; I think teaching helps… Continue reading

We’re one week closer to National Punctuation Day! This week, we’re celebrating the question mark. Why? Because you can’t ask a question, like the one we just did, without it! In English, the question mark is used at the end of an interrogative sentence. The history of the question mark is debated; there isn’t a… Continue reading

Today is the second Friday in our celebration leading up to National Punctuation Day on Sept. 24. And today we celebrate the exclamation point! Also known as the exclamation mark, this punctuation is used at the end of a sentence to show excitement or an interjection. The exclamation point first showed up in English language… Continue reading

Did you know Sept. 24 is National Punctuation Day? It’s true! There are so many punctuation marks and we use them every day; we think punctuation should be celebrated all month long. So every Friday in September, we’re going to celebrate our favorite punctuation marks with a little history on our blog and a unique… Continue reading