catDigital Creative Director 

Secret Weapon:
I can eat a lot of food in single sittings. A 42-ounce porterhouse? Easy. A 24-inch fried shrimp po’boy? Gone in thirty minutes. Burgers should be 16 ounces of beef minimum and an extra portion of rib-eye steak makes for the best dessert.

Professional Passion:
My profession in and of itself is my passion. Nothing compares to being able to work in such a creative field where every day is about learning, trying, failing, creating and succeeding. If I could merge myself with the Internet and become a cat, I would.

Favorite thing about MMI:
Whenever food is catered, they always purchase a large travel box of coffee just for me.

Best advice:
“Skip the sides and you’ll have more room for more steak.” – Me, to myself, circa 1992

Houston hangout:
I’m going to say the comic book store, because the chance of running into someone there is nonexistent.


  • Brunch Kittens (we are actually very menacing)
  • Some really nerdy ones involving comic books and online nerd communities.

Foodie Tips: 
If you are serious about trying some big burgers, I suggest Haven (lunch only), Del Frisco’s Grille, Hubcap Grill, Burger Guys, Christian’s Tailgate or Underbelly. For steak in Houston, try out Vic & Anthony’s, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, La Casa del Caballo, Brassiere 19 (the rib-eye steak comes with bone marrow!), and Killen’s. You’re welcome, and don’t say Brandi has never done anything for you.

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