Over the course of the next three weeks Facebook is hosting a Marketing Bootcamp via six live webinars, which includes weekly tips and a live Q&A session at the end of each webinar. Various members of the MMI PR team will be listening in to see what new tools and takeaways Facebook has to offer, and boil it down to just the highlights for you right here, as part of our own Facebook Bootcamp blog series.

So, without further ado…

Why Facebook for Business?

Here are some astonishing Facebook stats:

  • There are 800 million people on Facebook
  • 350 million people are utilizing Facebook on their mobile
  • 2 billion posts are “Liked” or commented on daily
  • 500 million users login every day at any given time
  • People who hear about a business from a friend are two times likely to engage and four times likely to purchase

So how do you build your business?

  1. Create a page: Work hard to establish a brand. This is where you are creating a space to interact with your fans as well as getting to know potential customers and building a community.
  2. Engage with people through content: You are striving to meet your customers needs every day so keep that in mind while posting meaningful content. You need to listen to their feedback and develop meaningful relationships with them.
  3. Grow your connections: Welcome their referrals and grow networks. You need to be connecting with at least 10% of your customer base – these will be your Facebook influencers.
  4. Start posting: Create posts that allow people to join stimulating discussions about your product. You are building community by sharing meaning content that empowers your customers to spread the word for you.
  5. Consider Facebook Ads: Facebook ads reach the people you want by targeting age, location, and interests. New “Likes” can become “Sponsored Stories”, which takes advantage of friends talking to friends, and creates a more natural way to amplify word of mouth through advertising.
  6. Explore social plug-ins: Do you have an audience on your website? Is driving traffic to the website key for business sales and growth? This is where you transform your website into a social experience with plug-ins and custom applications. For example, after the addition of “Like” buttons to American Eagle’s website, visitors referred by Facebook spent 57% more time on the American Eagle website than visitors referred from elsewhere.

Facebook allows you to reach real people to engage in meaningful conversations while building authentic relationships. It engages your customers anytime. Businesses need to know that their customers are on Facebook every day because it is an essential part of their daily life. They are talking about and promoting their favorite brands and why they love those brands. “The world has gone social. Be part of the conversation.”

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