One of my favorite parts of working in the PR house at MMI is the impromptu brainstorming.

A voice will shout from over the divider “I’m looking for a way to say…” and six different voices will call back with thesaurus-like accuracy.

A news story will break that affects our clients and everyone is crowded around the computer monitor of whoever discovered it first, discussing next steps.

Collaboration and many, many Diet Cokes fuel the creativity at MMI.
Collaboration and many, many Diet Cokes fuel the creativity at MMI.

More and more I hear about freelancers and creatives engaged in traditionally stay-at-home work choosing to go back to this type of office life through Coworking. Opting-in to office spaces designed so that they can work independently on separate clients and separate projects, while sharing a sense of community and a well-stocked fridge.

These groups were established because their members recognize the importance of a collaborative atmosphere. They recognize that what we get out of those little interactions between the big meetings can be just as important to productivity, and that it is often the tangents in conversation that get us going the right direction with our ideas.

Creating an environment where people feel comfortable participating in the discussion is the first step. A large part of what we do here at MMI is bring the best ideas to the table, with collaboration as fuel. So we (PR, marketers, web designers, techno geeks, copywriters and producers) get together as often as possible to share ideas, build unlikely bridges and enjoy a Diet Coke. Because our clients hire a full-service shop and they want to receive the full strength and abilities contained within; resting assured that if one of us is ever stumped, more MMIers are tapped to shout out in support and fuel the creativity.


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