It’s that time of year again at MMI. That time when competition heats up, and it’s every MMIer for him or herself. Yes, it’s time for the annual MMI bank decorating contest, where we take ordinary, unsuspecting ceramic animals and turn them into…well, whatever we want, in the hopes of being named the GRAND PRIZE WINNER. Last year we decorated turtles. The year before that, lions. Sure, it’s silly and it’s fun, but we take it pretty seriously over here. Because when it’s all said and done — once the paint and the glue is put away and the winners have been crowned, and we’ve all heard enough puns to last a lifetime — we know these little creatures will go on our desks to collect our loose change all year ‘round. And at the end of next year, we’ll gather all that change and vote for a charity to donate it to. Yes, I suppose we could just write a check, but it wouldn’t be nearly as challenging, fun or creative. In other words, it wouldn’t be us. May the best MMIer win.

My frog bank has a crack in it. I'm at a toad-al disadvantage.
My frog bank has a crack in it. I’m at a toad-al disadvantage.

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