Today our fearless leader hits a big milestone. (Is it thirty? I think it was thirty.)

After her surprise serenade earlier this week (check out our Facebook album for a few more photos) we asked MMIers to give us their thoughts and share their birthday wishes for the woman whose vision, values and good humor continue to inspire us to our own acts of greatness. A sample of MMI birthday wishes:

“I’m pretty sure Cindy is bionic. She is a terrific mother, wife, church leader and CEO. She may not sleep, now that I think about it, but she’s incredible at all she does. She’s a great example for those of us who aspire to her balance.” -Elisa

“Around Cindy, you’re guaranteed to always learn something new, or just to get in a laugh. She’s the best! Have a great day, Cindy!”  -Nicole

“Inspiring, professionally and personally. If there were a book that listed people who set good examples in life she would surely need her own chapter… or more realistic, her own book.” -Kelly

“Woo Hoo!!! Boss get your B-Day on. Have a wonderful day! Love ya.” -Betty

“Cindy ROCKS! Happy b’day, Cindy!” -Susan

“Cindy trusts and empowers her employees not only to do their best, but to push the envelope from best to fabulous. Consequently, MMI is a place where creativity and innovation flourish. Part of the reason our work is so good, and our clients so happy, is that the team has been set free to do their best.” -Robin

“Cindy you have such a great insight on marketing and always come up with ideas that are clever and impactful for all our clients. I am most touched by your never-ending generosity on a year-round basis to all of us employees. Thank you for being you… and Happy Birthday!” -Marina

“I hope that I can be as accomplished and respected when I’m her age. Happy Birthday, Cindy!”   – Emily

“Finally. Finally. You can get into rated R movies!  Let’s go. Happy Bday” – Rick

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