It’s just a little made-up word we’ve been talking a lot about lately.

Why? We’ve found it’s really the best way to describe MMIers as a whole. We act a lot like a startup – always looking for the new (often tougher) route that will get us the best results, but with the backup to really make our ideas happen.

Looking back at the past year we’ve traversed from one Summit to the next, down to the putting green and every which-way around the internet to find where people are talking about our clients and how (and how to join that discussion). We’ve launched websites and lit the town pink.

Like entrepreneurs, we’ve found ourselves becoming a jack-of-all-trades simply because we like what we do and love to be involved.

Merry Christmas

Thank you to all our clients and venders for a busy, fulfilling, inspiring year – we wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to hearing how we can help your business in 2011.

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