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Earlier this month, Facebook announced major algorithm updates to users’ News Feeds. The updated News Feed algorithm will prioritize social interactions from users’ friends and family over content from businesses, brands and media companies.   We believe this update is, ultimately, a good thing. As the platform improves its image and functionality for users, those… Continue reading

Enter: The subscribe button Snapchat is upping its game with the introduction of a highly visual, and much more integrated, design. The messaging app’s design overhaul, introduced on Tuesday, integrates the Discover stories with Live Stories and Recent Updates while allowing users to subscribe to publisher content. Why the change? Ultimately, publishers want users to… Continue reading

This year’s highly anticipated showdown of advertising, Super Bowl 50, left us with lots of emotions when the game ended. We laughed, we cried, we cringed, and we were sometimes left confused. This year’s Super Bowl ads centered around the tried-and-true themes of cute and nostalgia mixed with their fair share of weird (you’ve got to stand out somehow!). But… Continue reading

MMIers Amanda Hansen and Maggie Malek will be joining the stage at PRSA-Houston’s PR Day 2015 on Wednesday, Oct. 28! Amanda and Maggie will share four easy steps to integrate PR and social media in real time during live events. They will include examples from MMI Agency’s clients, including Shell Houston Open and MD Anderson. They… Continue reading

The wise and quotable Winston Churchill once said, “There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion.” These are words I took to heart when I was tasked with an unexpected challenge: to get published within 60 days. For some, public speaking is the stuff of nightmares. For others, the thought… Continue reading

“Thinking digital is inherent in how you live and run your business. You need people who live it and are focused/obsessed with it every day in your organizations.” – Stephen Weis We had a fantastic time at AAF Houston’s February 2015 luncheon! Stephen Weis, executive vice president of digital revenue at the Houston Chronicle, spoke… Continue reading

“Cartooning is an idea business. Everyone thinks cartooning is about drawing, but it’s about ideas.” – Matthew Diffee Last week, we attended AAF Houston‘s monthly luncheon featuring New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee. Matt is a cartoonist, which means he faces the unique challenge of coming up with creative ideas week after week after week. His… Continue reading