We’re excited to welcome Carrie Silberman to the MMI Agency team as Influencer Marketing Director. Carrie will identify and build relationships with bestfit influencers for our clients to deliver highly effective, creative and measurable outcomes. To learn more about our newest team member, we sat down to ask her a few questions. Check out her responses below!



Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C. I played lacrosse at the University of Maryland-College Park. Go, Terps! I went to graduate school in Paris and spent the last seven years working at digital agencies in NYC, where I managed several influencer campaigns for large brands, such as Burger King. I’m new to Houston, and I am enjoying the warmer weather and all the city has to offer.


What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time, I love to play tennis, ski out west, and explore all of the great art museums in Houston.


What drew you to MMI Agency?

I’m impressed by how much potential growth MMI has in influencer marketing. MMI has developed and is continuing to invest in influencer marketing at scale through the development of proprietary best-in-class influencer tools, and it’s the most integrated approach to influencer management currently that I’ve seen.


What inspired you to go into communications and influencer marketing?
I like that influencer marketing has a focus on data and transparency. There are unique challenges to automate, and at scale, innovative influencer-led campaigns can bring success to brands.


What are you most excited to see evolve over the next two years in the industry?
I’m excited to grow MMI’s automated data-driven influencer capabilities at scale and to continue to see more traditional brands embrace influencer marketing to engage new audiences.


What’s your favorite influencer campaign?
I loved British Airway’s UnGrounded Innovation Lab campaign. British Airways gathered thought leaders in Silicon Valley, placed them together on a five-hour flight, and tasked them with finding innovative ideas all geared toward helping STEM-driven individuals find opportunities to utilize their skills. British Airways got great press from it because the focus wasn’t on the brand or the product.


We welcome Carrie to the team! MMI is constantly growing and looking for amazing advertising and marketing professionals to join the team. To learn more about open opportunities, please visit our careers page.

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