The first time I came across MMI, I loved the culture, the amazing personalities, and their full-of-life pictures, which led me to tell myself “I just have to be there.” I found out about ADcademy through MMI’s Facebook page. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be the right fit since I wasn’t a PR or advertising major. One of my classmates at University of Houston talked to me about it, and it just felt right to go for it.

That week was one of the best weeks ever. First, we broke into groups, and we had to “brand” our group. Ours was called “BRIGHT-Where innovations come to light.” Lets just say it got pretty creative with the group branding.

Throughout the week, we attended workshops where a few members from each department taught us about what responsibilities they are in charge of.

One of my favorites things about the week was getting to meet MMIers from each department. It was great to have the opportunity to learn straight from the professionals themselves!

Besides the great information and knowledge we received that week, it was loads of fun and a great resume builder! Our main project was a campaign for one of MMI’s clients. Working together as a group and collaborating made my team’s relationship stronger, and we are still in touch to this day.

The experience at ADcademy completely exceeded my expectations and just a few months later, I had the privilege of interning at MMI. One of the best things I got out of ADcademy was learning to network and build connections. As a production major, I’ve been able to work with advertising majors and graphic designers who attended ADcademy. I’ve learned how important networking with the right people is!

MMI “mpowers” brands, yet with programs like ADcademy, it “mpowers” people as well.


Blog post written by Cassidy Sun.

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