We’re excited to announce that MMI Agency is now a Trusted Partner of KNIME.com AG, an open source software company that specializes in innovative data solutions! We were looking for a formal technology partner to help simplify data collection and analysis for our clients, and we found that KNIME is an ideal fit for us. This partnership will allow us to empower brands to seamlessly manage and analyze their marketing data—and, subsequently, tell better stories that spark conversations to drive business. The KNIME Analytics Platform enables marketers and agencies to streamline, optimize, integrate and analyze complex data sets to uncover actionable insights, which will allow us to deploy a scalable and innovative toolset for our clients’ brands, in addition to their existing marketing data stack.

MMI CEO Ben Spiegel has been using KNIME for years for its easy aggregation, analysis and visualization of complex marketing data sets.

“Data sources, formats and complexity are constantly evolving, and in order for marketers and analysts to focus on insights versus data, brands need to have a solid set of supporting technologies and capabilities,” Spiegel said. “We have deployed KNIME throughout our agency and are in the process of introducing it to our clients. Through the innovations that we’ll develop together–as well as with the tools developed by other KNIME partners–we can now focus on generating consumer insights, rather than data processes.”

KNIME is also optimistic about the future of this partnership!

“MMI’s in-house capabilities and enthusiastic adoption of modern technology make it a great partner for our customers,” said Michael Berthold, CEO of KNIME.com AG. “We appreciate that MMI Agency saw the opportunity for KNIME to positively impact the way marketers interact with data. We are pleased to have a partner that has the know-how to apply KNIME technology in the marketing arena. We are proud to add MMI to our extensive network of advanced analytics partners in this increasingly important domain.”

This is an exciting time for MMI as we continue to grow our global partnerships! In August, we announced our strategic partnership with The Sandpit, a UK-based global business-building firm and technology innovation lab. The KNIME partnership is our latest endeavor to pioneer tools and deliver innovations that generate business-building conversations between clients and their customers.

Read more about our partnership with the KNIME here.

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