It’s SXSW Panel Picker season, and MMI needs your help! We’ve submitted two great sessions that we hope will make it into SXSW 2016’s agenda. Session selection is determined by a number of factors, one of which is fan vote. Below are the two sessions we’ve submitted. If you like either, we’d appreciate a vote on the links below! All you need to do is set up a SXSW Panel Picker account and vote using the links below.

Not happy with your MadTech? Build an incubator!

Your company needs a new MadTech solution—so do you search online, ask colleagues, or attend industry conferences? And when you notice that out-of-the-box doesn’t always fit your situation … now what?

Why not create an incubator partnership! By partnering with non-competing companies that want the same tech/outcome, you and your company can become the first customers at a fraction of cost.

That is exactly what brand activation agency, MMI and UK-based business builder, The Sandpit did. Combined, we provide brands with first-access advantage to custom technology to support their business. Our startups are given real marketing guidance, which fosters long-term success.


  • Benjamin Spiegel, CEO of MMI
  • Simon Campbell, CEO of The Sandpit

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RIP Sarah McLachlan: activating fans for a cause

Do you remember those moving Sarah McLachlan ads? Now, who donated? Not many. How do you activate fans for your cause? By understanding how humans form opinions, make decisions and ultimately decide to act.

We’ll show you how to use that information to forward your oh-so-not-nefarious plan. MD Anderson and MMI are doing this through high-impact activations that result in lasting relationships with volunteer fundraisers and donors. Through an understanding of how to install an internal label of “I, personally, will be part of curing cancer,” you will be able to draw people to your mission, activate them to help you over a long period of time, and weave them into your brand narrative.


  • Amanda Hansen, Senior Vice President of Marketing at MMI
  • Robyn Mendez, Associate Director of Corporate Alliance at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Katrina VanHuss, CEO of Turnkey

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Thank you for taking the time to vote. We hope to see you at SXSW 2016! And don’t forget to help us spread the word by sharing this post.

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