JoshWeb Designer/Developer

Hidden talent: Handstands, though I don’t know if that’s really a hidden talent since most people know…

Professional Passion: I am constantly reading, learning, and trying new things. I really enjoy learning something and figuring out how it may connect to something seemingly unrelated. I also really enjoy teaching; I think teaching helps you challenge and strengthen what you know.

Favorite thing about MMI: The people here are amazing! They are all very helpful and supportive, and definitely put helping others ahead of helping themselves… except when there are leftovers in the kitchen… then it’s everyone for themselves.

Best advice: Failure is a step, not a destination.

Most memorable client moments: I have two…

Moment 1: I enjoyed coaching the ADcademy students through their final presentation. They showed a dramatic improvement from their first run through to their final pitch. I was really impressed.

Moment 2: My first time presenting with MMI to Direct Energy was fun. The client was really impressed with the work, and I think we both had fun during the presentation. They even joked about how smooth it went at the end. #NailedIt

Houston hangouts: Burning Bones Press, Black Dog Records

Memberships: AIGA Houston, Burning Bones Press

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