The Wall Street Journal recently posed the question: How Can Young Women Develop a Leadership Style? The article discusses how young women face unique challenges in developing a leadership style that works for them.  It’s often tricky for women to find the right balance, establishing a leadership style that is both motivating and assertive.

This is an important question to address for young women entering the PR profession since women now outnumber men in the industry. Fortunately, because of the gender shift, there are more female role models for young women to observe so they can start to cultivate a leadership style early on and find a style that best suits them.

A few takeaways from the article:

  • Join an industry professional association
  • Enlist a mentor
  • Position yourself in the role above your current one
  • Speak up

Learning how to navigate the paths to leadership will be an important factor in helping young professionals develop the three key intrinsic motivators that will drive their success at any firm: mastery, purpose and autonomy.

Transplanting from New York to Houston has given me a wider view of how organizations are structured and the importance of enlisting a mentor who can provide knowledge about the firm, the industry and the politics involved in both. While the city and industry may change, the skills you learn while navigating the workplace will help guide you to become the kind of leader who is compassionate, yet fierce.

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