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Today is the second Friday in our celebration leading up to National Punctuation Day on Sept. 24. And today we celebrate the exclamation point! Also known as the exclamation mark, this punctuation is used at the end of a sentence to show excitement or an interjection. The exclamation point first showed up in English language… Continue reading

This week, one of our public affairs clients, Community Health Choice (CHC), launched their “Faces of the Uninsured” video campaign. One of the goals for this campaign is to debunk the myth that people who are uninsured are too lazy to work and just want free health care. In fact, most uninsured Texans are working… Continue reading

We’re in Joplin, Missouri this week, leading up to the one-year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that caused so much destruction on May 22, 2011. NOAA, our National Weather Service since 1870, ranks the Joplin Tornado at the top of its scale – the only stronger tornado is a theoretical rating, the EF-6, which is… Continue reading

Supporting our friends at the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center to help spread the word about proton therapy is inspiring. Nearly every week, we meet with survivors, patients and families from all over the U.S., like Coleson Young and Kate McCrae, and hear their amazing stories of strength and survival. Not only is public relations a… Continue reading

The Wall Street Journal recently posed the question: How Can Young Women Develop a Leadership Style? The article discusses how young women face unique challenges in developing a leadership style that works for them.  It’s often tricky for women to find the right balance, establishing a leadership style that is both motivating and assertive. This… Continue reading