In the vanguard of mobile social media platforms, Snapchat is the creative frontier that has been nesting in the minds of major brand names and their agencies. It’s a game changer, a space brands want to join, but, at times, aren’t quite sure how to do so. It’s a prime space to reach Gen Z and millennials, but it’s not for all brands – only if the shoe fits for both the brand and the consumer.

The potential to create conversation is massive. After hand-selecting friends on the platform, stories and snippets of life’s little moments are shared through a combination of self-made doodles, pictures and audio-messages personalized for the important people in our lives. Does your brand belong in this space? Potentially. Like any social network, content must be optimized, engaging and relevant, all whilst being timely. Successful Snapchat campaigns are less about the advertisement and more about utility. Give consumers something they can’t get anywhere else.

This makes us wonder: How does a brand jump into the game and stay relevant in this noisy space? Geofilters.


Snapchat recently announced its new, on-demand geofilter, which allows both people and brands to design, map and purchase customized Snapchat filters for a specified location for a designated amount of time. Geofilters are now the expectation. Managing a Snapchat account that pumps out relevant, branded and entertaining content can be successful through geofilters. Here’s how to do it well:


When creating an on-demand filter, keep in mind that you are submitting a Web-optimized transparent PNG. The PNG must be 1080X1920 pixels and also must be less than 300 KB with a transparent background. Snapchat provides a downloadable template that can be implemented in either Photoshop or Illustrator, making it easy for first-time filter creators.


Design a filter that appeals to the demographic in all aspects: creative, visually captivating, artistic, and relevant to the location. Quality filter engagement will reflect quality work.


Geofilters can be created for as low as $5 per day, depending on the area and timeline. Snapchat makes it easy to geofence a specified area in which you want your filter to be active. The geographic limitations are between 20,000 and 5 million square feet. The Snapchat geofencing map allows you to choose your pricing options. At checkout, you will be asked to indicate whether the filter is for personal or business use.

For those of us who use Snapchat regularly, there is a little excitement when a new filter slides across the screen. Last year, we launched our own MMI Agency geofilter that ran throughout the month of May. Check out your local geofilters, take a Snap, and share with your friends!


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 Anne Deady | Social Media SpecialistAnne Deady

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