Enter: The subscribe button

Snapchat is upping its game with the introduction of a highly visual, and much more integrated, design. The messaging app’s design overhaul, introduced on Tuesday, integrates the Discover stories with Live Stories and Recent Updates while allowing users to subscribe to publisher content.

Why the change? Ultimately, publishers want users to click through and subscribe to their content, and the new design should help to achieve this. This update provides a win for publishers as it will help with content completion rates, and a win for users as publishers produce more visually-appealing content.

Three things to note about the app redesign:

It’s more visual.

Instead of small, circle icons, the content produced by publishers in the Discover stories now includes “teaser” content, prompting Snapchat users to click through. Appealing content equals more views, which equals more shares. This will result in a higher reach and spread of publisher content. This change, however, increases the competition for publishers to continuously create attractive, shareable content as they compete for the eye of the user.

Snapchat: Old design vs.  Snapchat: New design

Subscribe button.

Snapchat users can now add publishers’ stories from the Discover section to a new Subscriptions section, which adds publisher content near the mix of current friends’ stories in the Recent Updates. Do you love the content Refinery 29 produces? Great! Now, you don’t have to fight through the clutter of Discover stories, and you can have their up-to-date content in your story feed.

Snapchat: Subscribe 1Snapchat: Subscribe 2Snapchat: Subscribe 3

Additional analytics.

As Snapchat builds out its analytics platform, brands will have a deeper insight of what Snapchat users are doing with their content. Publishers can now track the amount of traffic with total unique views, total story completions, completion rates, number of screenshots, and now subscriptions.

These updates will change the way users view and interact with content on Snapchat, and will provide publishers with more story completions and views. If you are interested in incorporating Snapchat into your marketing strategy, we’d love to help!

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