Five Ways to Enhance Your Personal Social Media Accounts - MMI AgencyHere, at MMI Agency, we’re huge proponents of the power of social media. You can find us regularly sending out tweets, uploading photos to Instagram, posting updates on Facebook, sending photos on Snapchat, and organizing boards on Pinterest, just to name a few, for MMI Agency and our clients. We love the work we do for our clients, and we’ve found that keeping up with our personal accounts as well makes us better at our jobs! Here are five ways our social media team recommends making the most out of your personal social media accounts:

  1. Stay up to date. Social media is constantly changing with new platforms launching and others releasing updates and enhancements all of the time. One of the best ways we’ve found to stay ahead of trends is to test them out on our personal accounts! Bonus: It’s a great way to keep tabs on industry trends and topics our clients’ competitors are covering.
  2. Establish yourself as an industry expert. Social media is the perfect outlet to cultivate and build your personal brand. Establishing yourself as an industry expert on your own profiles makes networking easier and can open doors to opportunities, such as testing out a new app or attending a conference.
  3. Network. We love making new friends! From participating in weekly Twitter chats to direct messaging a potential media contact or resource on Instagram, social media is designed for networking. Using social media allows us to connect with people who can help us serve our clients better, and it never hurts to make a new friend or two while we’re at it!
  4. Watch news break. News often breaks first on Twitter, and as communications experts, it’s our job to know what’s happening around the world. Staying in the know allows us to be nimble with our social media content, removing posts that may be insensitive in the wake of a natural disaster or jumping on a relevant trend that could give our client more visibility.
  5. Practice writing. The best way to hone your craft is to practice. Working in advertising means tons of writing—from internal emails to client blog posts. Your social media outlets are one of the best ways to keep your writing skills sharp and share your special talent with the Internet whether its cooking or discovering the latest local restaurants.

Why do you use social media? Let us know by sending us a tweet to @MMIAgency, and don’t forget to connect with us on our other networks, too!

Lindsay McClelland


Lindsay McClelland | Account Manager, Digital Public Relations

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