At the end of the day, your brand is the aggregate of the world’s perception of you. Brand ambassadors (or brand mbassadors, as we like to say) have a real connection with your brand and help carry your message out into the world. Social media and digital PR can be powerful tools to establish connections with your fans to mpower them to do just that!

Below are tips from the MMI team on engaging your social media fans, including some examples from a few of our wonderful clients.

Offer rewards

This is the most straightforward way to incentivize fans: offer discounts or contests to your fans to say thanks and get them coming back for more. Don’t have something tangible you can give away? Get creative – think e-book, whitepaper, exclusive access, etc. that you can offer.

Let fans in on exclusive information

Make your fans feel special – give them a first look on news or happenings in your business. This can be as simple as sharing new menu items or a special look behind-the-scenes.

Social media engagement tip: Let fans in on exclusive information


Be sure to respond to feedback, positive and negative. Answer questions, solve problems… connect with your audience. Even a simple “Thanks!” goes a long way in making people feel connected to your brand.

Feature members and fans

Feature your fans and customers on your social channels. Retweet, repost, and share their photos. Take photos (with permission) of real people interacting with your brand!

Social media engagement tip: Share fan content

Social media engagement tip: Feature your fans

Crowdsource content

Even better, ask for content submissions! For Memorial City, we asked fans to send photos of their favorite Memorial City Christmas decor and matched each photo with a donation to a local charity. Use a hashtag to make sure you see the content, then share or repost your favorites for other fans to see!

Social media engagement tip: Crowdsource content

Tell fans how to share your content

Let your fans know how to share your content! Tell them what hashtag to use, where to find you on other channels. And don’t forget to ask them to share.

Ask your fans what they want

Asking questions on social media is a great way to start a conversation AND do some informal research on what your fans are interested in. Go even further to ask fans to choose special offers or seasonal specials.

Social media engagement tip: Ask fans what they want

Develop evergreen resource content fans will keep

Be an expert source on your industry. While most social media content has a short shelf life, content like free guides, checklists, infographics, etc. keep providing value and you can continue to share them over time.

Invite fans offline

Online connections can be strengthened even more with offline experiences. Invite your online fans to hang out with you offline!

Social media engagement tip: Invite fans offline

Social media engagement tip: Meet fans offline

And don’t forget to drive traffic to your website

While it shouldn’t be the majority of your posts, don’t forget to sprinkle in calls to action back to your website.

Social media engagement tip: Drive traffic to your website

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