Within the Interactive Team, we preach the practice of “tech for the sake of impact” – reminding ourselves that novelty alone is not the best reason to incorporate technology into our clients’ marketing initiatives.

The same goes for our everyday lives.

Nowhere is this more apparent right now than in Egypt. Like never before in history, technology is both the catalyst and the news-bearing medium for a revolution. After the government shut down the last internet service provider in Egypt yesterday, Google launched a voice-to-Twitter service that allows users to call in a tweet. The nearly 15,000 self-identified Egyptian Twitter users have quickly become an army of citizen journalists, flooding the service with over 1.5 million uprising-related tweets. No longer just the superfluous technology your kid sister uses to announce when she is bored, social media has become the voice and the weapon for a generation of protesters. That’s tech for the sake of impact.

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