We’re getting pumped about the opening of Tucanos Brazilian Grill in Sugar Land on June 18. As this will be the first Tucanos restaurant in Texas, we’ve been busy spreading the word on what Tucanos is all about through a series of five “surprise and delight” events leading up to the opening.

One of our favorite events was at First Colony Mall on May 18. We knew the restaurant would be opening right next to the mall’s large fountain feature, so we decided to surprise shoppers with an unusual sight: inflatable fruit slices floating in the fountain!

By using this tactic, we reflected the brand’s attributes of fun, festive and family-friendly, and were able to start conversations and engage the community. Once engaged, visitors were encouraged to continue interaction with Tucanos by having their photo taken with Brazilian samba dancers and tagging themselves on the Tucanos Facebook page.

We can’t wait to dine at Tucanos, but in the meantime, we’re having a blast flexing our creative muscles and helping our client make an impact.  Check out some of our photos below!





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