MMIers are big fans of Apple products. They are essential to how we do business. So the digital team at MMI was quite excited to hear about the slew of new product upgrades that were revealed Monday at Apple’s World Wide Developers’ Conference in Washington, D.C.

The following is list of our top 5 revelations from Monday’s conference and how they could impact you:

  1. MacBook Pro: Quite possibly the biggest announcement of the day, the upgrades to the MacBook Pro push it into its own league. Now nearly as thin as the MacBook Air, the new MacBook Pro will feature the same glossy Retina display as the newest iPhones and iPads. It’ll have a much higher resolution than any other notebook on the market. Most website images look pixelated at this high of a resolution, so it will be important to boost the size of images on websites, while optimizing for load time.
  2. iOS 6: There are several major changes to Apple’s mobile operating system that will hugely expand the capabilities of our iPhones and iPads. The Do Not Disturb mode means that you will not be bothered by non-emergency phone calls or notifications in the middle of the night, leaving you better rested in the morning. Facebook will now be integrated through a system-wide login, meaning you no longer have to log in to the social networking website each time you use a different app. Shared Photo Streams lets you share photos automatically with friends and family members, skipping the hassle of texting photos each time you want those closest to you to see your children winning the game or opening Christmas presents. Also, FaceTime will now be available over 3G and not just WiFi.
  3. A Smarter Siri: As a sports fan, I was thrilled to learn about Siri’s newfound sports knowledge. Apple’s friendly question-answering app will now provide sports scores, schedules and stats for inquiring minds. Want to make a restaurant reservation? Siri can also now take care of that for you via OpenTable. This is key for our restaurant clients like Perry’s Steakhouse which already utilizes the Open Table integration on its website. It’s also available in multiple languages including Spanish, Italian and French. Je t’aime, Siri!
  4. Maps: Apple may have beaten Google Maps at its own game, unveiling a new Maps app that’s built with Apple’s own in-house data. Turn-by-turn navigation is included, and switching the app to Flyover mode shows a beautiful 3-D look at major cities around the world. Don’t want to be late to work? Just switch to traffic view and see real-time updates on how long the commute will take. One important aspect of no longer relying on Google is that all business information in Maps will now be provided by various business data aggregators whom Apple has partnered with, as well as integration with Yelp for reviews.  To help ensure prominence and accuracy of their information in the new Maps ecosystem, we recommend business owners claim and verify their businesses on Yelp and Localeze.
  5. Passbook: This new app stores passes, tickets, coupons and gift cards on your iPhone. You will never have to worry about keeping track of separate gift cards or losing a plane ticket again, which is a huge development for busy consumers.

The only major question left unanswered was the release of the much-rumored iPhone 5. There is still no word on that, but these upgrades will keep us testing in the meantime. What are you most excited about?

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